Is your cambelt (timing belt) due for replacement? Protect your vehicle engine!

Cambelts must be changed on regular mileage basis or by the timing intervals.

For this you must check the drivers hand book for the mileage or timing intervals on cambelt change.

Different car manufactures have different intervals.If you are not sure just give us a call, and we will advisee you when it is due. Also if you buy a vehicle and you do not have it's service history. We advise a full service, brake check and cambelt change before you drive this car for your peace of mind.

If your cambelt is gone, it will cause to many damages to componants of your car such as valves, camshafts, belts, possible engine head or engine block. These would be a considerable expense to you, to prevent this, call Britalba for advice and the best deals on cambelts.

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