Car and Van disposal

Car Removal & Disposal

There are a number of circumstances in which people may require a vehicle to be disposed:

  • Broken Down Vehicles
  • Expensive Car Repairs
  • Leaving a Scrap Car in the Driveway
  • Lost Driving Licence
  • Medical Reasons
  • Rising Petrol Prices
  • Too Old to Drive
  • Winter Car Damage

Britalba  Recovery provides a nationwide free car disposal service if you no longer require your vehicle either because it is uneconomical to repair following an accident or due to MOT failure.

Britalba  Recovery provides this service for free to enable customers to disposal of their unwanted vehicles in a cheap and a environmentally friendly manner with all documents Britalba recovery will collect your vehicle at a convenient time and ensure that all paperwork is legally handled and that vehicle is depolluted (hazardous parts are removed for reuse, recycling or disposal) before the vehicle is scrapped. Call              0118 988 9555      to arrange for your vehicle to be collected