There are many good reasons to have your vehicle valeted regularly, especially to prevent the onset of rust and corrosion. Why leave it for a special occasion when for a very reasonable cost you could be driving a vehicle that not only looks good but could be worth more when you decide to change it.

If you are purchasing a used vehicle you will probably be selling your old one. A professional valet can maximise its value before it is sold and as the new owner drives it away it will probably look the best that it has looked in a long while. When you purchase your new car why not maintain it with regular valeting while YOU own it and reap the benefits yourself.

Car dealers know the advantages of valeting and when a vehicle is traded in, the dealer increases the value with a professional valet – this is how they make their money. If your car was in immaculate condition when you purchased it from the dealer it makes sense to keep it that way, as it will quickly deteriorate without regular cleaning. We use only the highest quality products on the market ensuring that  'new car' appearance can be easily maintained.

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